For the first 15 years of my life, art class petrified me. I wasn’t too good at anything, drawings looked like scribbles and paintings were blotchy to say the least. But then I had a film camera placed in my hand, and art class got a lot more interesting.

7 years, and 3 educational institutes later, I’ve established a wide range of technical skills in both film and digital photography, along with a high capability to use Adobe’s Creative Collection. Interning for ELLE Magazine US, British Vogue and Musée Magazine, NY, has given me an awesome insight into the editorial industry. I don’t like placing names on things; I’m not a “portraiture”, nor a "product" photographer. I converse with people and delve deep into their words to see what makes them tick. My camera allows me to translate this ephemeral moment into a lifelong documentation. I capture moments of life, whether that’s onto a memory card, or a roll of 35mm film.

Feel free to contact me regarding any projects or collaborations, or just for a chat.

+44 7809 888688

Winner of The Image Award - Ravensbourne Degree Show Awards
Judged by Tom Hind, Director of Creative Content at Getty Images

Previous Exhibitions

PICTOR14L June 18th - 22nd 2015

The Degree Show June 16th - 19th 2015

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